Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Next Upcoming Beast By Google

Following the logic of Google, we are waiting for next series of Google Nexus- Nexus 6. Of course Google is keeping its new device a secret but the guys from the site have created a new concept for Nexus 6. While it is only about a few rumors, especially since we already know that Google may refuse Nexus-line devices.

New render is a Smartphone with a very simple design of the front panel, which is rounded at the top and bottom, and the profile of the device is very thin. As Nexus 4 was condemned for its glass finishing at the back, the Smartphone seems to have a metal body that is not quite typical for Nexus-devices, since until now all tablets and smart phones were plastic. Certainly the decision influenced designers such models flagship Smart phones like HTC One.

There are a lot of expectations from the next series of Google. Android is expected to remain the OS of Nexus 6 like other Smart phones. The phone is expected to have Android 5.5 milkshake as its OS as people using Android 4.4 are facing difficulty since it is having a lot of bugs. The looks of Nexus 5 would be carried in Google Nexus 6 like its curve shape but it would be thinner and lighter. Additionally, it would be having a larger screen size than its predecessors. Nexus 4 had 4.7 inches of screen, its successor had 5.0 inches, so, it is expected that Google nexus 6 would be having an increment of 3.0 inches.

Moreover, there would be an improvement in the battery life of the next series. Since, Nexus 5 was reprehended for its poor battery life there are rumors that Google has decided to provide a battery of 3100 mAH in its next series. Nexus 6 is expected to have a camera of 16 MP to 20 MP.

Google Nexus 6 will be a real competition in coming few months as it has been compared with other upcoming Smart phones. For more specifications on Nexus 6 visit

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Google Nexus 6 Specs

It was very recent that Nexus 5 was released and yet the Google Nexus 6 is going viral.  Well, obviously it has to! Google has done its best since always.
There are rumors that Google has decided to overcome the previous mistakes like Nexus 4 was condemned for its glass finishing at the back which was changed into Rubber Finishing. Similarly, Nexus 5 was condemned for its low battery backup to which Google has decided to launch a phone with good battery life. Here are some of the features expected from next series of Nexus by Google- Nexus 6:

Operating System:
It is expected that the Phone will have Android 5.0 as its OS. New OS of Google i.e. Android 4.4 is having lots of bugs. As a result, people using Android 4.4 are facing many problems. So, in order not to decrease the popularity and for the easiness of Android, Google has decided to bring out the next version of Android.

Screen Size:
Nexus 6 would surely come in a larger screen size than its previous phones. Nexus 4 had a screen size of 4.7 inches while Nexus 5 had 5.0 inches. Therefore, it is expected that next phone would have an increase of about 0.3 inches.

It is believed that Google Nexus 6 will have metallic body and will have curve edges as Nexus 5. It is expected to be lighter and slimmer than Nexus 5.

As Nexus 5 was lambasted for its poor battery life, its successor will have an improved battery with improved battery life. It is believed that the battery would be of 3100 mAH.

There are rumors that reveal that Nexus 6 will have 6 GB RAM. Well, 6 GB RAM is just useless. 4 GB RAM is enough for a smart phone but we can’t predict about the hardware of the phone which is yet to release.

Google Nexus 6 would be the real competitor in coming few months. With other upcoming models of Samsung and Apple, Nexus 6 would be more powerful as it is expected to compete with other smart phones. 

Friday, 28 February 2014

Introduction- Nexus Series By Google

Welcome readers! I am Daniel - a guy crazy about smartphones, and my recent crush is the nexus smartphone series by Google. Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 are both awesome pieces of technology and we all have a lot of expectation from the next phone in this series, i.e. Google Nexus 6.

Do you know why Google nexus series of phones is so popular? This is an ultra rare combo of cheap prices and high quality features! Nexus 5 just came to the market for $400 and it has everything! And we are expecting the next smartphone in this series, i.e. Nexus 6 to come within a price range of $500-$550. This is a tad expensive, but the upgrades in the features is more than worth it, and as the time goes by, we will regularly update you with the specifications, design, battery, price and release date facts about Google Nexus 6.

The Sensors in Google Nexus 6

The sensors have become quite a feature in recent smartphones, and Google Nexus 6 is coming up with a lot of sensors this time according to trusted sources and big websites.

1.     Health Sensor – We have already heard about the Health book App in iOS 8. In order to give competition to Apple on this aspect, Google is introducing the health sensor which will keep track of the fitness of individuals.
2.     Atmosphere Sensor – If you want to know the temperature of your surroundings, this sensor will help you. Also, it will help you know the weather conditions and predict the future weather as well, so it makes Google Nexus 6 smartphone much more versatile and fun to use.
3.     Thermo Sensor – It’s a future technology. However the work is on. If this becomes successful, then our smartphone will be used for curing fever. Yes, google nexus 6 will be able to tell the exact temperature of your body without hurting you. It will be able to tell you the temperatures of gas stoves and other thermal substances as well.

To know more about the Upcoming Smartphone Click here