Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Google Nexus 6 Specs

It was very recent that Nexus 5 was released and yet the Google Nexus 6 is going viral.  Well, obviously it has to! Google has done its best since always.
There are rumors that Google has decided to overcome the previous mistakes like Nexus 4 was condemned for its glass finishing at the back which was changed into Rubber Finishing. Similarly, Nexus 5 was condemned for its low battery backup to which Google has decided to launch a phone with good battery life. Here are some of the features expected from next series of Nexus by Google- Nexus 6:

Operating System:
It is expected that the Phone will have Android 5.0 as its OS. New OS of Google i.e. Android 4.4 is having lots of bugs. As a result, people using Android 4.4 are facing many problems. So, in order not to decrease the popularity and for the easiness of Android, Google has decided to bring out the next version of Android.

Screen Size:
Nexus 6 would surely come in a larger screen size than its previous phones. Nexus 4 had a screen size of 4.7 inches while Nexus 5 had 5.0 inches. Therefore, it is expected that next phone would have an increase of about 0.3 inches.

It is believed that Google Nexus 6 will have metallic body and will have curve edges as Nexus 5. It is expected to be lighter and slimmer than Nexus 5.

As Nexus 5 was lambasted for its poor battery life, its successor will have an improved battery with improved battery life. It is believed that the battery would be of 3100 mAH.

There are rumors that reveal that Nexus 6 will have 6 GB RAM. Well, 6 GB RAM is just useless. 4 GB RAM is enough for a smart phone but we can’t predict about the hardware of the phone which is yet to release.

Google Nexus 6 would be the real competitor in coming few months. With other upcoming models of Samsung and Apple, Nexus 6 would be more powerful as it is expected to compete with other smart phones. 

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