Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Next Upcoming Beast By Google

Following the logic of Google, we are waiting for next series of Google Nexus- Nexus 6. Of course Google is keeping its new device a secret but the guys from the site have created a new concept for Nexus 6. While it is only about a few rumors, especially since we already know that Google may refuse Nexus-line devices.

New render is a Smartphone with a very simple design of the front panel, which is rounded at the top and bottom, and the profile of the device is very thin. As Nexus 4 was condemned for its glass finishing at the back, the Smartphone seems to have a metal body that is not quite typical for Nexus-devices, since until now all tablets and smart phones were plastic. Certainly the decision influenced designers such models flagship Smart phones like HTC One.

There are a lot of expectations from the next series of Google. Android is expected to remain the OS of Nexus 6 like other Smart phones. The phone is expected to have Android 5.5 milkshake as its OS as people using Android 4.4 are facing difficulty since it is having a lot of bugs. The looks of Nexus 5 would be carried in Google Nexus 6 like its curve shape but it would be thinner and lighter. Additionally, it would be having a larger screen size than its predecessors. Nexus 4 had 4.7 inches of screen, its successor had 5.0 inches, so, it is expected that Google nexus 6 would be having an increment of 3.0 inches.

Moreover, there would be an improvement in the battery life of the next series. Since, Nexus 5 was reprehended for its poor battery life there are rumors that Google has decided to provide a battery of 3100 mAH in its next series. Nexus 6 is expected to have a camera of 16 MP to 20 MP.

Google Nexus 6 will be a real competition in coming few months as it has been compared with other upcoming Smart phones. For more specifications on Nexus 6 visit

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